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Wheat Promotion Fee Computation

The South Dakota Legislature passed House Bill 1081 to review the computation of wheat promotional fee (check off) from the current one and... Learn more





1.Novel Chelation
No other competitor will have a product as pure or proven as CHS Aventine Complete

2.Safe on Seed
CHS Aventine Complete is a low salt premier formulation to eliminate risk of injury or yield loss

3. Superior Blend
CHS Aventine Complete is a superior blend of macronutrients and micronutrients that is ready to apply to crops

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Explore more of CHS with the digital issue of C magazine

A bright energy future for the U.S. leads the latest issue of C magazine from CHS. It also explores
our newest sunflower processing business in Argentina, spotlights how an Army
combat engineer transferred his skills to a career in ag, looks at three
generations of Montana ranchers and much more. You can find it all
with the digital edition of C, plus links to additional content in an interactive, easy-to-read format.

In addition to the articles:

  • Listen to Angie Olsonawski, CHS vice president, trading and economics, explain in this video about how the landscape of energy supply is changing.
  • Hear from CHS Board Chairman David Bielenberg in this video more about the importance of patronage and co-op model.
  • Travel south of the border to learn about the new CHS sunflower plant in Pehuajó,
    Argentina, in this video with Mariano Espinosa.
  • Learn more about short-line railroads such as the Dakota Missouri Valley and Western
    (DMVW) in this video.
  • Read about the making of the newest Cenex® Tanks of Thanks® television commercial
    first then see the finished spot here.
  • Hear from three generations of Montana farmers - the Krafts - in this video about supporting the next generation of farmers.
  • And there are always photos from this issue on our Flickr page here.
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Northern Plains is diversified farmer owned County Operation of CHS offering grain, agronomy, feed and energy products and services.   Headquartered in Gettysburg, SD, serving more than 5,200 active customers through our eight locations in north central South Dakota and south central North Dakota.
Quotes retrieved on April 23, 2014, 03:43:28 AM CDT
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